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Industrial Contribution Towards Sustainable Development

This world sustainable energy day 27th Febuary,
We had a interactive webinar with
Mr.Amit Chakraborty,
an environment engineer and a leading key industry expert.

sustainable development

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“Nuclear Energy”

The world is in a state of crisis due to COVID-19 but “ENERGY”, “CONSERVATION” are still some terms that require our utmost attention. We all are waiting for a miracle to happen.

“The next energy miracle is nuclear energy”
–Bill Gates

The miracle is nuclear energy. Who would have thought that the reactions between atoms can produce so much energy. But here we are. Nuclear power is the fourth-largest source of energy in India after thermal, hydroelectric and renew

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Sun Jan 31 2021


In mankind’s insatiable thirst for power, we have invented many different means of energy production; and have abused them maliciously to the detriment of the planet. A few realized that killing the earth would actually be bad for our health and set out to find cleaner methods of power generation, something that could wean us away from the destructive drug that is fossil fuels. For a while nuclear fusion promised to be that solution.

Nuclear fusion can possibly satisfy all of our en

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Sun Jan 31 2021

“Renewable Lifestyle”

We generally don’t care about the more important things in our life, we try to focus on smaller benefits. But we don’t get the fact that our planet is about to face a huge energy crisis if we don’t act on it now. People have been researching stuff over the years now and they have come up with feasible solutions to solve this catastrophe. But the main problem is we are still not implementing these energy sources to their maximum extent. We all know the general basics about fossil fuels being the

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Sun Jan 31 2021

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