Renewable Lifestyle

We generally don’t care about the more important things in our life, we try to focus on smaller benefits. But we don’t get the fact that our planet is about to face a huge energy crisis if we don’t act on it now. People have been researching stuff over the years now and they have come up with feasible solutions to solve this catastrophe. But the main problem is we are still not implementing these energy sources to their maximum extent. We all know the general basics about fossil fuels being the highest contributor in all our energy needs, but we need to accept the fact, that they fall under the category of non-renewable energy sources.

Years of study have shown us that these sources will last only about 50-100 years. Fossil fuels are hundreds of millions of years old, but in the last 200 years consumption has increased rapidly, leaving fossil fuel reserves depleted and climate change seriously impacted. Reserves are becoming harder to locate, and resources won’t last forever. So renewable energy sources are slowly becoming a part of our lives.

Hydroelectric power has progressed very well and has shown us that the world can rely on them. Wind energy is also coming into the picture but it has its own disadvantages, such as the transmission of energy is very difficult, and the fact that it is extremely dependent on climatic conditions. However solar energy is a fantastic prospect in renewable sources, which can be used in the long run, due to its biggest advantage that the source is the sun, something we can depend on for the rest of our lives Solar Energy is mainly used in the form of photovoltaic cells, but every other day we find new advancements in this field, such as the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany which showed us the maximum efficiency in the solar cells in the form of 46% in multijunction cells.

Normal Si cells provide an efficiency of 25-30%. So it is safe to say that solar energy is worth the hype it is building, and hopefully someday we see a world run by solar energy,and not the fossil fuels, which bring earth’s biggest problem of global warming and pollution.