Chapter Events

Our chapter’s mission is to be the leading provider of scientific and engineering information on electric power and energy. We proudly present the numerous events, seminars, workshops and webinars that we’ve organised to accomplish this.

Touring Energy

IEEE-PES VIT brings to you,
an amazing contest on energy and power resources as we shape the world towards the sustainable future, the tourism development in these places acts as an added glitter to it.

Event Date: 7th April, 2021

Event time: 12PM

Platform: Instagram

touring energy

sustainable development

Industrial Contribution Towards Sustainable Development

This world sustainable energy day 27th Febuary,
dive into the world of sustainable energy practices with
Mr.Amit Chakraborty,
an environment engineer and a leading key industry expert.

Webinar on REST API with Nodejs

A webinar on Feb 6th on Creating a basic rest api with node js that performs CRUD operations and test it with the help of Postman, and teach the basics of MongoDB through mongoose module and how to deploy any project on github through git.

Github Repository


Sustainable Hydropower in the 21st Century

A webinar hosted by an expert to help students discover the power generation capacity of water. Participants left with the knowledge of how flowing water is converted into electricity.

Competitive Programming

A webinar hosted by an expert in software engineering to enlighten the participants on the concept of competitive programming and how beginners can start practicing it.



PCB Fabrication for High Power Electronics

A webinar hosted by an expert in electronic materials to educate students on the process of building printed circuit boards for high power electronics.

This or That

A fun online event consisting of article writing and debating on topics related to renewable energy and the future technologies of power and energy.



Cryptic Cache

An online puzzle game where the answer of one question will be an unique key to the next layer of that very question or the final answer.

PCB Fabrication

A classroom event to educate students on the process of making printed circuit boards, their different types and their working from the scratch.



Web Development

A workshop to teach students from scratch an important skill that is relevant in almost every sector.

Just Waggish

A fun group game to play with your friends where the goal of each round is to give the funniest answer to a set question.



Energy Conservation Week

An effort to create awareness and disseminate information to school children on energy efficiency and conservation and also to equip them with knowledge and create interest on this important subject.

Machine Learning

A workshop for absolute beginners to introduce them this rapidly growing field and to equip them with knowledge and create interest.



Arduino Workshop for Smart Energy Meter

A detailed classroom session on the workings of Arduino. Participants were taught the technology behind smart energy meter and learnt how to use an Arduino.